Small Steps

Small Steps is a pre-school support service for young children with disabilities and their parents. Based in SW15, more than fifty families access the centre each week from across south London and beyond.

The charity works to two aims. Firstly it provides opportunities for the children to learn skills across all areas of their development including communication, learning and social skills, though with a focus on their physical development.

Secondly and perhaps more importantly, Small Steps offers support to the parents of these children in coming to terms with having a disabled child. Small Steps is staffed by a small team including a physiotherapist and teachers. Now in its 15th year, Small Steps is a much loved service. Always focussing on the positive and on what the children can and will achieve, Small Steps makes a huge difference to the children and the parents who attend sessions, not just in the pre-school years but far beyond this too.

“Mia is benefitting from all that you have taught us, as I am now able to implement your lessons into play at home. Medical professionals often refer to Mia’s quality of life as ‘poor’. Well, seeing her express her happiness at Small Steps & having fun, I know she is more than capable of having a good quality of life”

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